On July 19, 2012, Summer of the Arts received an award for "Best Public Education Program" from the Iowa Recycling Association in recognition of our Green Initiative program.

Our Greeen Initiative started in 2008 with refillable water bottles and many of our food vendors using bio-compostable foodware.  Since that time, the program has grown each year and in 2011, we were able to add "Eco Stations" to our weekend-long festivals to provide festival-goers information on composting and recycling while reducing the amount of trash that goes to the Johnson County landfill.  All food vendors are now required to use bio-compostable or recyclable foodware which has been a tremendous step for us.

We've also added Eco Education tents and Valet Bicycle Parking at our weekend-long festivals!  We continue to promote use of refillable water bottles and appreciate the attention our Initiative has received.  For more information, visit www.iowarecycles.org.