Think, Be, Live Green

Summer of the Arts is committed to a bold environmental sustainability mission and to educate through experience.  Each year we continue to work to improve and expand our Think, Be, Live Green program.  Our 2016 efforts include:

Replacing Disposables with Compostables on Culinary Row

Our festivals are proud to offer a greener option of tableware than the typical plastic and Styrofoam you may find at other events.  Summer of the Arts has made the commitment to require our Food Vendors to use biodegradable and recyclable products throughout our festivals, dramatically reducing the waste produced by Culinary Row and other areas of our festivals.  We strongly encourage our festival attendees to dispose these biodegradable products in the compost or recycling bin at one of our many Eco-Stations staffed by our extraordinary volunteer Green Team.


Look for our Eco-Stations at our festivals this year.  Shaded by a bright highly visible umbrella, a volunteer member of the Green Team will be at each Eco-Station to greet you and help you sort waste into the compost, recycling, and landfill bins.  The compost waste produced by our festivals will be sent to the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center where it will be developed into rich fertilizer, benefiting gardeners and farmers in our community.

Eco-Education Booths 

Come visit the Eco-Education booths to learn about how our community can help reduce our environmental impact.  Fun, interactive, educational programs will be running throughout the festival day, staffed by local business sponsors and University of Iowa Environmental Student Groups to demonstrate how you can Think, Be, Live Green.

Hydration Stations 

Plastic water bottles make up a large component of the recycle stream and are frequently seen in event waste.  In an attempt to lower the amount of waste created, Hydration Stations are set up at our festivals for attendees to purchase a Summer of the Arts (stainless steel, BPA free) water bottle for just $6 and receive FREE refills throughout the entire summer at all of our weekend long festivals OR they can fill up their own reusable water bottle with fresh filtered water for just $1. 

Free & Secure Bicycle Valet Parking - sponsored by World of Bikes

Summer of the Arts encourages all of the festival attendees to take advantage of our Free and Secure Bicycle Valet Service.  Riding your bike is a simple way to minimize energy use and carbon footprints.  We are excited to invite all patrons to take advantage of the prime parking spot we have reserved for bikers!  The lot will be located in the same place for all three weekend long festivals on Iowa Avenue in between Van Allen Hall and the Biology Building East on the University Of Iowa Campus.  Festival goers simply fill out a bike claim ticket and a volunteer will take care of parking and retrieving bikes for them.  All parked bikes must be claimed by the end of each festival evening.

Volunteer Green Team - Sponsored by Meardon, Suppel, & Downer PLC

The Summer of the Arts Green Team is made up of volunteers who are enthusiastic and dedicated to ensuring that we recycle and compost as much of the waste produced at our festivals as possible.  These passionate volunteers are trained to answer questions festival attendees may have and to generally assist patrons with sorting compost, recycling, and landfill waste into the correct bins. Interested in joining this important volunteer team? Click HERE to check out the volunteer section of our website.












Environmental Student Groups

Would your Environmental Student Group like to have visibility in front of the thousands of people who attend our festivals?  If so, and your group has an environmentally conscious aspect, then join us in our Eco-Education Booths at one or more of our 2016 Summer of the Arts Festivals in downtown Iowa City. 

The Eco-Education Booths give area student groups a FREE opportunity to share information with children and adults in attendance at our festivals. It is a great way to both show your committment to the environment, and also build community awareness on reducing our environmental impact helping everyone to Think, Be, Live Green.

Please contact us with questions or for more information at or 319-337-7944.

Summer of the Arts           319.337.7944           325 E. Washington St., Ste. 301 Iowa City IA 52240