Lisa Barnes, Executive Director

Shane Schemmel, Associate Executive Director

Jenna Isaacson, Volunteer and Community Relations Manager



Ellys Barkley, Communications & Multimedia

Haley Bean, Artist Relations

Tevon Berka, Performer Relations and Free Movie Series

Jeremy Borjas, Merchandising

Lindsey Chapman, Graphic Deisgn

Juliann Gibson, Logistics

Hannah Grahek, Operations

Stephanie Hesse, Outreach Communications

Anna Long, Graphic Design

Kara Prewitt, Performer Relations

Jane Rice, Green Initiative

Barbara Rivas, Business Relations

Ali Snider, Marketing



We are currently accepting applications for the internship positions of:

2017 Spring & Summer Semesters



Please send a cover letter and resume to Ms. Shane Schemmel, Associate Executive Director, at



Thank you to our Leadership and Development Sponsor:  

Summer of the Arts           319.337.7944           325 E. Washington St., Ste. 301 Iowa City IA 52240