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 Our Sponsors

It is because of our wonderful sponsors that we are able to provide free, high quality, arts and cultural events to Eastern Iowa.  Businesses, like private consumers, strengthen Johnson County by spending and investing their dollars locally, within our community.  

When you utilize the products and services of our sponsors, it's easy to see, hear, and feel the creative reverberating effect it has on our community.  Please take a minute to view our list of sponsors below.  Thank you!

Official Sponsors

City of Iowa City               

Presenting Sponsors

Veridian Credit Union 

   Presenting Sponsor for Iowa Arts Festival


 Presenting Sponsor for Iowa City Jazz Festival 



Presenting Sponsor for Iowa Soul Festival



 Presenting Sponsor for Friday Night Concert Series



Co-Presenting Sponsors for Free Movie Series


Premier Sponsors

 MidWestOne Bank               
Meardon, Sueppel & Downer P.L.C.               




Sustaining Sponsors





Contributing Sponsors







              Oaknoll Retirement                              









Supporting Sponsors








         Calucci Construction                                  



















Media Partners











Individual Donors

Arts Champion

Louise  W.  Smith   
Craig and Nancy  Willis   

Arts Advocate

Mark and Laurie  Zaiger    

Arts Enthusiast

Karin  Franklin    
Kim  Schillig    
Rod and Deborah  Zeitler    

Arts Sustainer

Wallace  Tomasini and Robert Rorey    
Steve and Victoria  West    

Arts Supporter

Barbara  Haring    
James  Hayes
Kristin  E.  Summerwill    

Arts Fan

Eve  Adamson    
Loyce  Arthur  
John and Rhonda  Barr    
Paula  Brandt    
Richard and Ann  Burton    
MaryLu  Callahan    
Joyce  Carman    
Kyran  Cook    
Stephen and Ann  Donahue    
Wendy  Ford  
Bob and Denise  Hoke    
Bradley Johnson
Rachel  Klapper    
William  Krotz    
Marie  Kruger    
John and Diana  Lundell    
Vincent  Magnotta    
Teresa  Mangum    
Katie  McDonnell    
Mike  McKay    
Terrence  Neuzil    
Dick  Noble   
Charles  Peters    
Brad  Pouleson    
Dean and Donna  Price    
Richard  Randell    
Bryan  G.  Rennekamp    
Ann  Ricketts    
Terrance  Riley    
Phillip  Round    
Sandra  Show    
Susan  Shullaw    
Edwin  Stone    
Teresa  Swift    
Don  Thompson    
Richard and Buffie  Tucker    
Jim and Chris  Walters    
Ron and Paula  Weigel    
Tom and Cathy  Weingeist    
Bryon  Winn    
Michelle  Wolter    

Arts Admirer

Paul and Janet  Abbas    
Doug and Ann  Allaire    
Steven  Aquilino    
Miranda  Barnes    
Astrid  Bennett  
William and Susan  Boyd    
Bill and Ann  Brashier    
Richard and Phyllis  Braverman    
Wendy  Brown    
John and Kim  Callaghan    
Lynne  Cannon    
Ron Clark and Jody Hovland 
Melanie  Cleveland    
Jane  Coscino    
Harvey  Diehl    
Robert and Jane  Downer    
John and Susie  Engelhardt    
James and Patricia  Ephgrave    
Don and Donna  Farley    
Chuck and Margaret  Felling    
Mike  Fenneman    
Jean  Florman    
Don and Dorothy  Fowles    
Dave and Karen  Froschauer    
Gordon Goldsmith and Sara  Henryson    
John and Susan  Goree    
Ann  Haugland    
Thomas and Nasreen Syed  Hendricks    
David and Ellyn  Hesli    
Bill and Jean  Hines    
Kevin  Hoyland    
Jim and Judy  Houghton    
Bob and Betsy  Hradek    
Kenn and Jan  Hubel    
Beckie  Hudson    
Judith  Hurtig    
Russell  Husted    
Erin  Irish    
Mary  Johnson    
Daniel  Kahn    
John  Kenyon    
Mike and Beth  Knudson    
John and Patricia  Koza    
David  Krug    
Mary Lea  Kruse    
William and Kathy  Kurth    
Alice and Shelly  Kurtz    
Nita  Lee    
Samuel and Linda  Levey    
David and Martha  Lubaroff    
James  Majusiak    
Greg and Mary  Maxwell    
Vicki McBrien    
John  Menninger    
Kevin and Julie  Monson    
Mary and Scott  Moye-Rowley    
Glenda  Mueller    
Jerry and Mary  Nixon    
Carrie  Norton    
Bob and Jennifer  Noser    
Jane  Omann    
Robert  Oppliger    
Ashley  Orr    
David and Lynda  Ostedgaard    
Elena  Osinskaya    
Armond and Polly  Pagliai    
Doug and Connie  Parsons    
Andy  Piro   
Stan and Kathy  Polvi    
Jim and Laurie  Ponto    
Bob and Cheryl  Reardon    
James  Ross    
Russ and Cyndie  Schmeiser    
Brian  Cook and Susan Richards    
Hal B.  Richerson    
Clyde and Kay  Seery    
Harlan  Sifford    
Greg and Jeri  Smith    
John and Anne  Sopher    
Walter and Amy  Sparks    
Eugene and Susan  Spaziani    
Brian and Anne  Spencer    
Tracy  Stamp    
Alan and Margaret  Stolpen    
Sonia  Sugg    
Rod  Sullivan and Melissa Fath
Stephen and Marilyn  Swanson    
Dan and Gail  Swartzendruber    
Veronica  Tessler    
Brad and Diane  Thayer    
Ellen  Twinam    
Byron and Anne  Vandenberg    
Robert  Wagner
Robert and Eunice  Welsh
Marguerite  Yeutter

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